Experience, Technology,

More than 50 years of Experience, Developing Innovative Technological Solutions for the dairy industry.

We provide excellent solutions, complying with the most demanding standards that the Industry requires to ensure its production processes.

The permanent search for new developments and technologies allows us to design and offer disruptive, innovative and reliable solutions.

We develop your projects

We offer our clients a professional and
personalized service.

Our Projects,
Automation and APPLIED ROBOTICS teams work
integrated way to achieve solid and reliable projects.

Our focus

We offer customized hardware and software solutions. Proven solutions that allow us to guarantee functionality of machines and systems.

– Precise analysis of individual requirements.
– Personalized advice.
– Development of possible scenarios and technological solutions.
– Professional and experienced project management.
– Productive efficiency, sustainable energy consumption
and rational use of resources.
– We are focused on generating proposals
of maximum reliability.
– Development of 3D projects supported by simulations
Integration of accessible interfaces and easy implementation.
– Use of network IT infrastructure.

With the implementation of automations we achieve communication in real time and an interaction that allows us to control the processes, attend and prevent events.

– Supervision in real time of the processes.
– On-line data acquisition to make accurate decisions.
– Analysis of process data from reports and reports of trends and historical values.
– Development of preventive maintenance plans to guarantee functionality and process parameters.

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